Company Mistakes: How do you deal with them?

Mistakes happen. Mistakes happen to all people and businesses large and small. These mistakes and experiences are vital to any company- they show us how we can be better, how to improve, how to grow and what to work on… kind of like a reality check.

So what does one do when a mistake happens? Do you own up to it? Do you dismiss it?

Fisher’s mission is to have extremely happy customers, while having fun! We believe in acknowledging the mistake in a promptly manner and getting it addressed right away. Happy customers is what we thrive for.

When a mistake happens, a Fisher’s team member will hand deliver a pie and a sincere note to the customer who had an experience that wasn’t exceptional. Along with that, a solution or a technician will make sure the customer receives the fix that they need. We want to let our customer’s know how important they are to us.

This process is called the Fisher’s Humble Pie.

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