fun things to do at home

Fisher’s Fun Things to Do at Home List

With uncertain times amongst us, it is easy to cripple-up and feel down. Feeling down is a normal way to feel with the current circumstances. The good thing is, we have amazing technology at our finger tips that can help inspire us daily. Join Fisher's by incorporating some of these tasks into your new "normal."

Try these 20 activities to help motivate and Boost your spirits:

  1. Host a Virtual Dinner or Happy Hour! Click Here For Inspiration
  2. Do an activity with your Kids (Bake something, color contests, play a board game or cards) Click Here For Inspiration
  3. Plant Flowers – Seed Starts, and transplant at a later time! These are some of the easiest flowers to start from seeds
  4. Exercise – use canned food if you don’t have weights! @mkfitnes on Instagram is example
  5. Complete a 2020 Goal you set for yourself.
  6. Try a new recipe! Check out these recipes
  7. Play “CHOPPED” with your pantry – have your kids commentate and judge the dinner!
  8. Start a journal – Write how you are feeling at this time – or – create 1 year, 3 year or 5 year goals for yourself personally, financially or professionally.
  9. Call your Parents or Grandparents to Say Hello.
  10. Make a Craft. Get Inspired Here
  11. Create a monthly budget – be on track with your spending habits. Microsoft Office has plenty of templates
  12. Watch a movie that you have never seen before – New or oldie!
  13. Day Spa at home – Soak in the tub, exfoliate your skin, give yourself a pedicure!
  14. Print Family/Friend pictures for updated artwork around the house. Get Inspired Here
  15. Organize a messy part of your house – Your “Junk Drawer”, your “Coffee Mug cupboard”, your garage, etc.
  16. Help Someone in need – check in with neighbors and elderly. This app can help you show who is in NEED in your area
  17. Ride your bike – in your neighborhood.
  18. Create a Playlist on YouTube or Spotify, that makes you FEEL GOOD! Then throw a dance party! Create your Spotify List Now
  19. SUPPORT LOCAL – support a local business with ordering take-out or buying a local product.
  20. SMILE, it’s contagious!

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