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Site networking in managed IT services refers to the seamless communication and data transfer between workstations and company resources such as file shares, servers, and the internet, as well as connecting multiple physical locations. This involves setting up and managing the various components of the network such as routers, switchers, firewalls, and other networking equipment, to ensure your data is secure, this allows for efficient and effective collaboration between team members and company resources.

Networking Sub Services


Firewall and Security

Fisher's Technology provides and supports enterprise class firewalls, with advance security to provide better protection for your organization.

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ISP Services and Support

Let Fisher’s Technology save you time and the stress of working with your ISP for support. Partnering with Fisher's provides the most efficient support for your Internet service.

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Network Infrastructure

From your network hardware such as switches, routers, and cabling, to the monitoring software needed for critical network insights. Often Overlooked but as important as the rest of your IT


Wireless Networking

Connecting to your network through your phone, or laptop, has never been easier or more efficient. However these networks need to be secured and maintained.

Fisher’s Technology offers simple and secure cloud management and support for your wireless networks.

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24/7 Monitoring

Businesses utilizing Fisher's managed IT services, can count on 24/7 monitoring of their devices 365 days a year.

Fisher’s as your trusted Partner.

By Partnering with Fisher’s Technology for managing your network, your organization will benefit from our expertise, and experience, as well as provide you with access to the latest networking tools and technology. Let Fisher's ensure your network is optimized with performance, reliability, and security.


Frequently Asked Questions about Networking.

Bears the communication structure for your business – It keeps employees connected and productive.

  1. Firewalls to provide the best protection for your business.
  2. Prevention of employees accessing dangerous places on the internet.
  3. Visibility of WHO and WHAT devices are on your network.

Networking is a connection of devices communicated via nodes – which could be computers, routers, switching cables, etc.

LAN stands for local area network, which basically means this network will connect devices over a reasonably short distance for data, file and resource sharing purposes. These are usually privately managed for places like office buildings or schools.

A WAN network is essentially the opposite – a wide area network that can span across regions or an entire continent. The internet is the largest WAN that connects billions of computers worldwide.

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