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Fisher’s Technology has been servicing Idaho for nearly 100 years, and since our founding, we’ve evolved into the West’s go-to resource for innovative workplace solutions including printers, and copiers, workflow solutions, IT services, and more. Fisher’s may be based in nearby Boise, but we’re focused on helping customers in Pocatello, too. In 2010 we expanded our services to the Idaho Falls region and are now proud to have an office in Pocatello! We are honored to serve the local businesses and customers within the region. Let’s learn what Fisher’s Technology can do for your Pocatello business.

Fisher's is proud to service in the following areas surrounding Pocatello:

American Falls, Aberdeen, Blackfoot, Lava, McCammon, Soda Springs and Preston

What's Happening at Fisher's

Keeping Your Business Secure: The Importance of IT Managed Services

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Managed IT services refers to outsourcing some or all of a company’s information technology (IT) needs to a third-party provider. These services can include network and infrastructure management, software development…

Fisher’s Recycling Blog

By Paige Mooney | May 10, 2023

At Fisher’s, we understand that our customers are concerned with the full lifecycle of technology including recycling. That’s why our policies, methods, and processes all support a Green Initiative. Fisher’s…

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Fisher’s Site Networking

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Site networking in managed IT services refers to the process of connecting multiple physical locations within an organization’s network infrastructure. This involves setting up and managing the various components of…

Managed IT Testimonial – Riverwood Homes

By Nathan Pope | April 20, 2023

Fisher’s mission is to have EXTREMELY HAPPY CUSTOMERS who are happy with their day-to-day office tech needs. We are so thankful for our customer, Riverwood Homes, who shared their experience…

How Managed Print Services Can Help Your Business Reduce Its Environmental Impact

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As the world becomes more conscious of the impact we have on the environment, businesses need to start taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. One area where businesses can…

April 2023 Testimonials

By Paige Mooney | April 5, 2023

Fisher’s mission is to have EXTREMELY HAPPY CUSTOMERS who are happy with their day-to-day office needs. We are so thankful for our customer who share feedback for us. Thank you…

March 2023 Testimonials

By Paige Mooney | March 28, 2023

Fisher’s mission is to have EXTREMELY HAPPY CUSTOMERS who are happy with their day-to-day office needs. We are so thankful for our customer who share feedback for us. Thank you…

The Future of Commercial Copiers: Trends and Innovations to Watch

By altitudeseo | March 16, 2023

As businesses continue to evolve, so do the tools they use. Commercial copiers are no exception, and as technology advances, so do the capabilities of these devices. In this blog,…

ARPA Cybersecurity Grant for Montana Businesses

By Paige Mooney | March 13, 2023

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) includes a cybersecurity grant that benefits Montana’s for-profit businesses that are at least 5 to no more than 50 employees. The program provides funds…

Alter Enterprise Acquired

By Paige Mooney | February 28, 2023

ALTER ENTERPRISE OF MISSOULA, MONTANA WILL BE ACQUIRED BY FISHER’S TECHNOLOGY ON MARCH 1, 2023 March 1, 2023 – Fisher’s Technology, #1 Office Equipment and IT Services provider as voted…

5 Reasons Why Investing in a High-Quality Printer Can Benefit Your Business

By altitudeseo | February 18, 2023

Whether you’re spending a fortune on off-site printing services or still struggling with an old-model on-site unit, it’s time to think about upgrading your office printer. Modern units have the…

Pocatello Office Technology

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Copiers Services


Fisher’s got its start in 1936 with Tom Fisher selling Underwood Typewriters from his model T but has since expanded in the following decades as a resource for copiers, printers, faxes, and other office communications equipment. Though we’ve expanded our Idaho services to aid in IT services and workflow solutions, our bread-and-butter is all about copiers. LEARN MORE


Copier Repair and Maintenance

Every office needs a copier, and despite their cost, copiers and other office equipment are notorious for being complicated, difficult to use, and even more difficult to repair. You can send an intern to wrestle with the volumes of a modern copier user guide, or you can give Fisher’s Technology a call.

We’ve been in the copier repair business for several decades and know the proper way to deal with copiers of all types. Our technicians can repair any issues you have, perform regular required maintenance and service for copiers, and give your office tips on how to use copiers and multifunction units to get the most out of them. LEARN MORE


Copier Lease


Many modern offices rent their copiers and Fisher’s is your go-to source for copier leasing. We rent conventional multifunction office machines and copiers for a wide variety of uses you’re sure to find helpful.

it services

Cloud Help Desk and Hosted PBX

Our Cloud Help Desk is ready to help you solve even the quirkiest tech issues in your office to ensure things are running smoothly for your team and your customers. With 365/24/7 support, our help desk staff is sure to make your life easier and take the frustration out of dealing with tech support issues. LEARN MORE

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Let’s learn more about what Fisher’s Technology can do for your Pocatello office or business.

“Community Food Basket - Idaho Falls is the 2nd largest emergency food pantry in Eastern Idaho. We recently contracted with Fisher's and their amazing team to update and maintain our computer systems and security after running on outdated software for years. Fisher’s met with us regularly to ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime and the service has been excellent. The Fisher's team is knowledgeable at every level and works hard to make our lives easier. Highly recommend.”

- Community Food Basket – Idaho Falls