Backup + Business Continuity

Are you prepared if a disaster strikes?

Does your business have a plan?

Backing up customer data has always been a critical component of Fisher’s best practices. We require a minimum backup plan for all our managed IT clients, and we have world-class extended partners that allow us to quickly move from recovery to availability. Let Fisher’s Technology help you combine backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility into one affordable service and know that we strive to ensure your overall business continuity.

Ensuring best in class Managed IT: our services ensure incremental, daily, and full image backup protection for physical, virtual, and cloud-based applications.

Backup + Business Continuity Services

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Server Backup and Recovery


Desktop Ransomware Protection

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Desktop Backup and Recovery

Could your business afford to be down for that amount of time and lose important data?

In summary, backups are a part of the broader business continuity strategy. While backups focus on data preservation and recovery, business continuity encompasses a comprehensive approach to maintaining overall business operations in the face of disruptions, with a focus on both data and processes.

Business Continuity refers to an organization's ability to maintain or quickly recover its essential functions and operations in the face of various disruptions, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, power outages, pandemics, and more.

  1. Plan for when disruptions occur
  2. Peace of mind knowing you have a plan
  3. Reduce downtime/Financial Losses

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