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Welcome to the era of digital information.

We can’t escape it and we’re all struggling to harness the data we use to make critical decisions every day. Fisher’s Technology wants to partner with you to achieve greater process transparency, security and efficiency through our industry-proven software and services.

Are you drowning in paper and simply looking to scan and retrieve documents? Perhaps you’re ready to move to the next phase through digital eForms or mobile workflows. You might even want to search for content across ALL your data servers using a quick keyword.  Is that even possible? Or, maybe you’ve already got all these great technologies, but your systems don’t integrate well with each other, leading to a lot of inaccuracy and duplicate data entry.

At Fisher’s, we do it all. Our team has over a century of combined expertise in document automation and we’re ready to get to work for you!

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Scanning & Electronic Capture

Scanning and manually indexing documents is no longer your ONLY document strategy. Leverage advanced capture and recognition technology that performs many of the data entry functions a user would typically have to perform.

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Document & Content Management

Imagine finding everything you need with a simple search tool by WHAT it is, rather than WHERE it is. Documents and data can automatically be linked together to ensure that proverbial needle never gets lost in the haystack again.

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Process Automation & Auditability

Can you easily trace all of your steps you took today? Let our forms and workflow solutions empower your document processes and efficiently route documents to users with greater transparency and auditability.

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Data Security, Integration & Analytics

A software solution is only as good as its ability to "play nice" with other systems. Our solutions embrace open integration standards, like Restful Services, ODBC and CSV/TXT formats, while maintaining the highest levels of encryption and document compliancy standards available.Get your data working for you with process analytics and real-time dashboards for greater business intelligence.

To read more about document management, please visit our Document Automation Solutions Blog. Our document management case studies provide examples of companies that reaped the benefits of going paperless. You can also email our team of experts who have helped companies go paperless and better manage their documents.


"Fisher’s Technology has been a huge asset in helping us become paperless and automated. They bring expertise and knowledge to the table that helps us in making key decisions. Their team is friendly and great to work with."

Valley Wide Cooperative (Jerome, Idaho)

"Fisher’s service technicians and engineers are always courteous, professional, and their expertise has been appreciated in helping with our document management needs."

Thomas Cuisine (Meridian, Idaho)

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