IT Security

Protect your business from cyber threats

24/7 protection against daily threats and new threats that pop-up endlessly

Fisher’s wants to help put an end to responding to breaches after an attack has occurred. Our security framework for protecting against daily threats and the new ones (popping up endlessly everyday) proactively defends your organization 24/7. We have solutions purposely built for small/medium sized budgets and will ensure a minimum baseline is built to continuously responds to attacks. Our enterprise business solutions are the perfect augmentation for in-house resources.

Security Sub Services


DNS Protection
Enhance your network security by eliminating up to 88% of threats before they enter your network.

Email Security

Email Security
Today's best email security is a combination of identifying and protecting against spam, spoofing, and Phishing emails,  removing malicious attachments.

End User Training

End User Security Training
An organizations biggest security challenge is its own users.  Training them to improve the security can have the biggest impact.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection
A last line of defense against many threats to your network and data.  Not just any endpoint protection will do though,  you need the power to identify and remediate,  isolate offending endpoints when necessary, and protect against ransomware.

Malware Protection

Malware Protection
In today's threat landscape, it is no longer good enough to use definition-based protection. Fishers combines the power of AI, machine learning to protect networks from Malware.

MultiFactor Auth

Multi-Factor Authentication
One of the easiest things any organization can do that has biggest impact on security is enable Multi Factor Authentication.  If not Mandatory now it should be.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras
Fishers Technology has an array of Security cameras available.  From basic security to high end analytics used to alert organizations to possible physical security issues at their locations.

Simple to Install

Unlimited Scale

Always Secure

Security Cameras

powered by Verkada

Verkada makes video security limitlessly smart, scalable, and simple to use. Organizations of all sizes choose Verkada to bring greater awareness to their physical spaces.

Quickly filter footage across cameras by time and date, or with intelligent insights like clothing, color, face matches and vehicle make.

Instantly see any moment where people or vehicles were detected in frame, bringing greater speed to finding meaningful footage.

From any device, instantly share a link via SMS to live camera feeds with first responders or export and email MP4s for seamless sharing

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