Chris Taylor Announced IBR’s CEO of Distinction

Proud to share our CEO, Chris Taylor, a past IBR CEO of Influence award recipient (in 2014), received the 2024 CEO Link of Distinction on May 9th, 2024! Our crew was there to support and celebrate Chris and all the other CEOs that made the list.

Hear it from chris...

“We’ve learned as an organization to put our people first,” Taylor said. “Our mission is our customers. But the way we achieve that mission is by obsessing with our team.”

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“I’ve learned how lucky we are to be doing business in the state of Idaho,” Taylor said. “To live here and to grow our business in the best place in the world to live and to grow a business is amazing. This has been an 18-year journey from me and we’re just beginning.”

Addressing the gathering of 230 business leaders and community supporters, Taylor said “surrounding himself with amazing people” is what has made the biggest difference in finding success during his 18-year stretch leading the firm.

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Congratulations to all honorees!

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