Company Culture & Why it is Important to Us & Our Customers


"Culture separates average companies from great companies."

Culture separates average companies from great companies.  A great company culture aligns the organization around a common purpose, focuses people on what is most important, enhances employees’ careers, is consistently reinforced by everyone, and (in our case) leads to great customer experiences.  When we hire for culture (team fit, positive attitude, humble, customer-centric), constantly reinforce why we are in business and what is most important, and consistently “walk the walk” that we preach, we have a unified team committed to delivering awesome customer experiences.  Communication is better, responsiveness is better, quality of offerings is more fitting, and the ongoing engagement is more beneficial to our customer.


Chris Taylor states, “My job as CEO of Fisher’s is to ensure we hire amazing people, align them in delivering amazing customer experiences, and support them in delivering those experiences while developing in their own careers.  I honestly don’t really know our products well, but I do know our people and our customers well and I am always reinforcing on our culture.  I am more of a Chief Culture Officer.”

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