DA Road Show – 2019

Fisher's Document Automation team just wrapped up their 1st "DA-Road Show" featuring some of their newest equipment/services – The Fishers Historic Book Scanning Solution! We traveled to Idaho Falls, Helena, Butte and Great Falls!

This is a perfect and unique offering for cities, counties, museums and libraries.

Most of them share something in common…a huge reliance on old books, many of which are large and difficult to maintain and access.

These old historical books are generally one-of-a-kind and the only version they can make copies from.  Frequent copying erodes the artifacts and present a major risk for fire or water damage.

The Fisher’s Historic Book Scanning Solution addresses all of this with a rapid, super-high resolution imaging system that captures these large books simply by laying the book in a V-Cradle and turning pages.

And we’re making it as easy as possible for our customers to adopt, with short and long-term rental programs as well as the ability to fully acquire the system.  We can even make the images searchable in document management systems or provide one if needed.

We’re ready to help transition your organization’s old records from FRAGILE to AGILE!

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