Group One | Sotheby’s International Realty Testimonial

I am writing in reference to Fisher’s Technology and their excellence in phone and technology services. I have been working with Fisher’s for two years and am continually impressed by their service and quality of VOiP provisioning.

We began using Fisher’s Technology at our company for printing services as they are responsive and provide excellent friendly. In that regard, we were happy to begin using their phone systems and their IT help desk when we were not having the same high level of customer support and attentiveness from our previous provider.

We have been able to utilize our auto-attendant for scheduling, forwarding, and easy holiday systems. We have great quality and Fisher’s has made it a priority to make sure our lines are clear, and we do not drop any of our client’s calls. Fisher’s has a great response time if an issue arises and the best part is being greeted by a friendly voice when we need help. They make tracking the progress of tickets easy by having email updates whenever someone touches the ticket and it has been a relief to know that if I send in a question, issue, or user update it will be handled efficiently.

Overall, I am very impressed with Fisher’s attention to their clients and providing wonderful phone solutions to any of our needs. I highly recommend using Fisher’s phone systems for excellent service and VOiP quality.

Amanda McClain, Agent Services
Group One | Sotheby’s International Realty Testimonial

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