Customer Mobilization

Customer Mobilization

Does your business have an increased demand for users to work remotely? As a Fisher’s IT Customer, your network and computers are already set up to securely access your resources from anywhere. However, most company networks only have the bandwidth to support 25-30% of their workforce working remotely. It’s likely that your business’s network is not set-up to support 50-100% of remote workers.

To improve performance and experience for team members and customers, please opt in for Fisher’s Technical Account Manager to complete a Mobile Workforce Assessment of your company’s network.

The Mobile Workforce Assessment will identify:

1. How much remote work your team can do with what you have?

2. What it will take to allow more users to work remotely.

In most cases, the assessment cost is a few hours of Project Engineering to optimize equipment. In other cases, there may be recommendations to upgrade firewalls, network switches, and/or internet bandwidth.

Since you are partnered with Fisher’s, your team is already set-up to work from anywhere and we are here to help keep your business moving forward.

Your Technical Account Manager will reach out soon for next steps in this process. For immediate support, please email and let them know you would like to learn more about the Mobile Workforce Assessment.

Thank you and be safe.

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