5 Reasons Why Investing in a High-Quality Printer Can Benefit Your Business

Whether you’re spending a fortune on off-site printing services or still struggling with an old-model on-site unit, it’s time to think about upgrading your office printer. Modern units have the ability to streamline productivity, reduce operational costs, and increase your capacity and agility, while also reducing long-term costs. Here are some good reasons why you should consider investing in a high-quality printer for your organization. 


  1. Reduced Costs


Despite the widespread move towards more efficient paperless offices, printing still accounts for a significant recurring expense for many businesses. While it can be convenient, outsourced printing can also result in wasted overhead that can be mitigated with a high-quality in-house printer. 


When your organization owns a printer in–house, you can sidestep minimum quota requirements associated with outsourcing. You can also avoid the logistical costs associated with delivering the printed output. When you have a high-quality printer onsite, you can also reduce any potential costs incurred due to delays in deliveries from an off-site printing company. 


  1. Increased Convenience


For most businesses, printing is essentially an on-demand activity. While you may have pre-scheduled printing tasks, things come up unexpectedly, and many emergency projects have tight timelines. You can’t always rely on outsourced services that may be backed up with orders. Likewise, you can’t really depend on older, slower printers to meet modern demands. 


Owning a high-performing commercial printer introduces a greater level of convenience and reliability for your on-demand printing needs. You can operate daily with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your team can handle urgent and cumbersome printing tasks without worrying about costly time constraints. 


  1. High Capacity


Enhanced printing capacity is among the biggest advantages of investing in a high-quality office printer. Modern units have the ability to create hundreds to thousands of printed pages, depending on the model. The combination of quality, speed and capacity mean today’s small- to medium- businesses have the ability to become self-sufficient. Instead of having to be at the mercy of busy printing shops, they can handle bulk printing projects in-house whenever they need them. 


  1. High-End Security


Cyber insecurity poses a significant threat to businesses of every size. Part of a company’s computer network, modern printers have active connections with the computers that send the scan and print jobs. Without robust security mechanisms, this creates an opening that leaves an organization’s network susceptible to infiltration. If you have an older, less sophisticated printer on-site, you are likely at risk. 


At many organizations, printers handle large amounts of sensitive information over time. A malicious hacker can use printer vulnerabilities to do a lot of damage, whether it means stealing intellectual property or installing ransomware that holds an organization’s valuable files hostage and paralyzes its ability to do business. 


Most high-quality modern printers are equipped with a denial-of-service protocol that requires user authentication. With these types of features, you never have to worry about security.


  1. Workflow Assistance


Most modern printers come equipped with incredibly innovative software. These versatile applications can help your team control key job characteristics and other important finishing features. You can monitor and correct colors and clean up pages when necessary. These intuitive, customized controls help organizations maintain the speed and quality of their printing outputs from start to finish.


Choosing the Right Printer


To outperform competitors, today’s businesses require substantial in-house printing capabilities. But how much printing power do you really need? If you’re searching for a new high-quality office printer, it’s important to select a reliable unit that fits your organization’s unique needs. There’s no use paying for features you won’t often use. At the same time, you don’t want to be saddled with mediocre quality because you made a short-sighted investment. To help you make an intelligent purchase, here are some of the best office printers based on type and cost.


From high-performing modern printers to multifunction copiers, today’s office hardware can streamline your company’s workflow and boost operational efficiencies. At the same time, forward-thinking organizations need to integrate print and digital strategies to form a responsive cohesive plan. Fisher Technologies can help you achieve this all-too-critical balance. 


Our experts provide the latest printing technologies, while also managing servers, computers, mobile devices, mobile applications, network equipment and secure cloud environments. We can provide dedicated print management services, while also protecting your company from malware, ransomware and hackers. Fisher Technologies can also enhance your organization’s operational efficiencies with state-of-the-art workflow solutions, including electronic document automation. Contact our experts to learn more.

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