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2 minute read | IT Security Webinar

This practical webinar is breaking down where threats come from and simplifying IT security into the “necessities” for data and cyber protection. IT Security can feel a little cringeworthy at times, because although it’s important, there’s way too much information out there to sort through. Join us as Fisher’s IT leaders break down what your business needs to know about security as we discuss these core topics:

1 Misconceptions
2 Threat Sources
3 Security Necessities
4 Proactive Protocols
5 Future Threats

Hear from Fisher’s IT leadership team on proven IT security strategies for businesses.
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IT Leadership

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Zack White - Circle

Zack White

IT Director
Fisher's Technology

Zack White

Zack White is the Director of IT at Fisher’s Technology. Zack has spent the past 11 years working in the Managed Services and Office Technology industries. Zack has shared roles of Account Manager, Regional Manager, and Director of IT at Fisher’s Technology. Zack has his Masters of Business Administration from Boise State University, and undergraduate degrees from the University of Idaho. Zack has a passion for helping businesses leverage technology to grow and meet strategic objectives.

Kenny R- Circle

Kenny Rencher

Engineering/Support Director
Fisher's Technology

Kenny Rencher

Kenny Rencher serves as the Director of IT Support and Engineering for Fisher’s Technology. He has spent the last 10 years of his career leading customer service teams in a wide range of industries. Kenny studied Cyber Security and Information Technology Management at Boise State University where he developed a deep passion for technology and its role in shaping strategy in business. Kenny’s current directive is to develop and deliver solutions and services that empower customers to grow and meet their business objectives.

Lisa W - Circle new

Lisa Whitwell

IT Sales Director
Fisher's Technology

Lisa Whitwell

Lisa Whitwell is the Director of IT Sales and Account Management. She has been working in the managed services industry for the past 7 years and in sales for the better part of 30 years!

Lisa holds various degrees that show her endless curiosity in science, business and communication. In any industry, her passion has always been to understand the client.

When Lisa isn’t working she can typically be found in the mountains of southwest Idaho.

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