Top 6 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Technology is the primary driving force changing the face of American business. To stay at the cutting-edge of this front, companies need a reliable, agile IT department that can adapt to new needs and evolving threats. By outsourcing their IT needs, businesses gain this ability along with the following important cost-saving benefits.

1. It reduces labor costs.

It can cost a lot to train and maintain an in-house IT department. Even the most basic IT specialists can expect to make an average of $46,000 each year. A Systems Analyst can earn more than $80,000, while Network Administrators and Data Administrators earn nearly as much.

While they often come at lower rates, temporary IT tech workers don’t generally provide a good return on investment due to limited time and understanding of a company’s internal processes and needs. When they outsource their IT support services, on the other hand, companies gain access to attentive, highly skilled workers at a mere fraction of the labor-related costs.

2. It minimizes IT costs.

Companies have to invest considerable amounts of money to install infrastructure with servers, networks, storage, security and a whole host of other critical components. By outsourcing their IT needs, businesses are able to transform fixed IT costs into manageable variable costs. This gives them much more room to budget accordingly and scale as needed.

3. It ensures a constant flow of service.

IT outsourcingAs technology becomes more and more complex, businesses need innovative software and hardware solutions. They also require end-to-end networking and an uninterrupted flow of functionality for not just the internet, but the intranet and extranet. IT network service providers can deliver a continuous flow of service that’s as reliable as the sunrise.

4. It enhances security.

If you’ve recently read the news, you know large and small businesses are under constant attack by malicious entities. Most online attacks come in the form of automated malware that indiscriminately targets any vulnerable network, whatever its size. There are also plenty of bad actors who target systems using phishing tactics that fool employees.

Cybercriminals understand that smaller enterprises usually don’t have tough security measures. Whether it’s one nefarious person or an automated intrusion program, you could easily be targeted by an opportunistic “hacker.” If your company’s system gets targeted, it could lead to data loss, downtime and stolen intellectual property.

Unless you specialize in IT, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest, most innovative preventative measures. If you outsource your IT services, however, your system will be protected by the most recently developed security features. What’s more, an off-site IT provider can recover any lost data and mitigate any consequences if you ever fall victim to a malware attack.

5. It creates a competitive advantage.

When companies invest in on-site IT, they gain an advantage over businesses that don’t. As they evolve, however, it can be hard for these companies to scale their existing technology along with their growing or diminishing needs.

IT solutions for software, hardware and more recent innovations (such as VoIP phone systems and cloud storage) aren’t easy to manage or keep up with. Managed IT services take the headache out of servicing and upgrading technology, so companies invest money and time on what they do best. When businesses outsource their IT, they offload the responsibility and free up their staff and budget. They also gain increased agility and scalability that gives them a competitive advantage over other businesses in their markets.

6. It improves efficiency.

IT outsourcing is a great way to take the worry of IT off your overfilled plate. You can redouble your focus on the things you do best, concentrating your time and talent on the things that boost your bottom line. By removing the responsibility of IT infrastructure and services, you can pay more attention to other key areas that will help your business grow and succeed.

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