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Temperature Kiosks

Temperature Kiosk

Best Practices to Limit Virus Spread

Preventative Measures for Workplace Safety

One of the most important things for employers to do before re-opening is to prepare clear and simple guidelines that everyone will follow. Clear communication gives staff a peace of mind while ensuring preventative measures will not be compromised.

Here are some suggested guidelines that should be the
foundation of your preventative measures:

  • Daily cleaning protocols before opening should be in place. Staff should clean their own desks, mouse, and keyboards on a daily basis. High contact touch points such as doorknobs and communal spaces should also be cleaned daily.

  • Social distancing guidelines should be maintained. This may mean that desks will need to be spaced out. For larger corporate offices, there may need to be an office rotation where staff alternate when they work from home or in office. Ideally, no more than half the office should be in on any given day to properly maintain social distancing. Creating cohorts or groups will also limit exposure and touchpoints.

  • Employees should be equipped with appropriate PPE, such as gloves and masks, if needed.

  • Temperature screening on staff and visitors deny access to those who show fever symptoms. In addition, temperature screening serves as a visible reminder to your community that you are taking the necessary precautions to re-open your business safely. Most importantly, our temperature screening kiosk’s automatic data logging of timestamps and user photos will ensure you know who was at risk of exposure should there be an outbreak at your organization.

  • New equipment may be needed for the workplace to reduce touchpoints. Plastic barriers or touch-free trash cans may be suited for your needs.

  • Use signage in high traffic common areas to remind employees and customers of social distancing, proper hand-washing, and other guidelines.

  • Employers should ensure antibacterial hand soap is available in bathrooms. Hand sanitizer with over 60% alcohol content can be places in high traffic touchpoints such as at entryways/ exits and near doorknobs.

  • Business travel policies should be included in guidelines. Employees should transfer all business trips and appointments to online until further notice.

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