Fishers 5 lessons learned seminar

Helena Chamber – Event Recap

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5 Lessons Learned Seminar - Event Recap

On Wednesday, July 14th, Fisher's hosted a seminar entitled, "Five Lessons Learned: Transforming a Company Culture" seminar - presented by Fisher's CEO and President, Chris Taylor. The event was held at the Chamber building is Helena, Montana. Topics to be covered included: The secrets to hiring amazing people, how to build and maintain an amazing culture that focuses and retains amazing people, and how to develop strategies that create a thriving environment.


“Overall, I thought this was a really worthwhile event that I'm very glad I attended! It was great getting the chance to hear a CEO speak about his journey and the key lessons learned along the way. Afterwards, I felt inspired to go back and review certain sections of the books he mentioned, as well as seek ways to actually apply the lessons in my own life, professionally and personally.”

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