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How to protect email from phishing attacks?

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Get Techy With Us – Ep. 1 Email Security with Ironscales

This video series highlights the latest IT trends to provide useful info for businesses

This video dives into the top email security threat and how spam filters just don’t cut it. Combatting phishing attacks takes a layered approach and that’s why Fisher’s has partnered with IRONSCALES.

Are you prepared for tomorrow's Phishing Attacks?

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A Self-Learning Email Security Platform to Stop Tomorrow’s Phishing Attacks Today

IRONSCALES is a comprehensive, people-powered email security platform. Our self-learning platform helps where your email security is most vulnerable with post-delivery protection, detection, and remediation. Now you can defend against the full spectrum of phishing threats when and where they are most likely to cause damage, at the mailbox level.

Advanced Malware/URL Protection

Identify, flag and respond to malware and URL threats at scale

Mailbox-Level BEC Protection

Make smarter and faster decisions regarding suspicious emails already in users’ mailboxes

AI-Powered Incident Response

Reduce manual email analysis and response by orders of magnitude (up to 90%)

Democratized Real-Time Threat Detection

Crowdsource the best threat analysis and detection from the world’s leading SOCs

Virtual Security Analyst

Get AI-powered machine learning to help humans do more with automated threat remediation

Gamified, Personalized Simulation & Training

Access customized micro-learning to help employees think and act like security analysts

Fisher’s IT experts weigh in on email security protocols

Interview Answered By

Greg R - Circle


Technical Solutions Architect

Lisa W - Circle


Director of IT Sales and Account Management

1. What type of email attacks are you seeing targeting businesses?

IT professionals are seeing more sophisticated attacks, that are better put together and organized then ever before, and they are getting harder to identify. Many times they are designed company information such as logos and signatures that make them more realistic.

2. What are the risks to businesses if email security procedures fails?

Fisher's IT experts have had multiple companies come to us looking for solutions because they have lost thousands of dollars from phishing emails that direct them to change banking information, or have resulted in ransomware with significant costs to recover.

3. How can companies combat these phishing attacks?

It usually requires a layered approach to defend against these types of attacks. Using sophisticated solutions to assist with identifying these types of emails and pairing that with specific education to empower users to protect their environments as well.

4. Why did Fisher’s partner with IRONSCALES?

Fisher's needed a solution that was not only better at identifying Phishing emails and protecting end users from them, but also had the capability to provide end user security awareness training. Educating users is the most powerful defense against these types of attacks.

5. Why is IRONSCALES better than just using something like a spam filters?

Earlier, Greg mentioned a layered approach. Because Ironscales works at the inbox level it has the ability to detect things that spam filters can’t. AI, Machine learning, crowdsource detection, and training all put together build a solution that helps organizations protect against these types of attacks.

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