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It’s Monday, you’re motivated and ready to take on the work week and get your tasks accomplished.

You attempt to power on your workstation and get nothing…so much for your Monday tasks! We all hope that our technology is going to perform as it should. But let’s face it, we’re not in a perfect world, so we must plan accordingly.

Fisher’s has the expertise needed to prevent serious IT downtime and help avoid a negative impact to the bottom line. Our help desk and support will become extended members of your team; providing the supplemental support, troubleshooting and documentation needed to keep your business running smooth.

With an 85% FIRST CALL resolution rate, you can count on our cloud help desk, 24/7 - 365 days a year including email notifications throughout your repair time. Fisher’s cloud help desk has the expertise to resolve your small and large IT obstacle with personable and professional technicians.

Contact Fisher’s today to incorporate our cloud help desk program into your IT game plan!


Why do I need Help Desk + Support?

A team of trained technical professionals will be extended team members to support you with any IT issues you may experience. They will document the request and keep the user updated with email notifications until the issue is resolved.

Top 3 Benefits of Help Desk + Support?

  1. Quickly and efficiently solves most IT problems
  2. 85% First Call Resolution Rate
  3. Can solve issues regardless of when or where you are
  4. Supplemental support

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