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ENX Feature on Fisher’s

Chris Taylor presenter

ENX Magazine recently featured Chris Taylor and Fisher's Technology as a specialist in the industry. The article is titled, Leadership on Parade: Fisher’s Difference Maker Chris Taylor a Natural Turnaround Specialist

Chris Taylor is suffering from an acute case of imposter syndrome. Or perhaps the president and CEO of Boise, Idaho-based Fisher’s Technology is a bit tongue in cheek when suggesting he knows nothing about the industry.

“While the notion is wholly unfounded, it’s a shining example of how this executive can swing the cameras to shine the spotlight on the company’s crew of 160 quality employees, who have helped to complete the stunning turnaround of the organization. Taylor is right; he presides over a group of intelligent and friendly yet driven individuals who have amassed a wealth of knowledge to make the dealer a force to be reckoned with in the short 15 years he’s been at the helm.” - Erik Cagle with ENX.

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