CFO Forum Event Highlight

Last month, Chris Taylor (President), J.T. Jones (CFO), Ty Grigsby (Controller & Director of Finance/Accounting), and Erin Warwick (Accounting Manager) attended the Treasure Valley CFO Forum, hosted by Washington Trust Bank, at the new JUMP facility downtown Boise. Fisher’s was happy to be an event sponsor as we support many businesses within the accounting and banking industries in Idaho and Montana. The team enjoyed the day all around and really resonated with the event keynote speaker, Matt Beaudreau with The Center for Generational Kinetics.


All work industries are changing and our attendees were intrigued on how to accept these challenges and grow, or to reject the change and be stagnate. Matt presented on how generations are perceived and how they work in the work place. Neither generation is right or wrong for their ways of problem solving, but rather how to accept and work with others.

To view a highlight video of Matt, please see the video below:

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