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Business Process Automation

Accounting departments work their assets off. Below we’re talking about some low cost, high impact solutions to streamline accounting processes, for any size company.

3 areas for high impact improvements

Data Entry – specifically invoice processing 

Automated Approval Process  

Search and Retrieval   

business process automation

Is your accounting team frustrated with the amount of time it
takes to process and enter an invoice?

If your team is experiencing this frustration, Fisher’s has solutions that automatically process invoices by pulling PO Numbers, Invoice Numbers, Dates, Dollar Amounts, and Line Items Off the Page. These features along with the software’s ability to learn the format of your template, can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes your team to process invoices. 

Does your accounting team spend a significant amount of time tracking down approvals which result in late payments and excess interest charges?  

Fisher’s software solutions can help eliminate these problems by sending notifications/reminders to approvers for quick and easy turnaround.

Is your company tired of wasting time searching for old invoices and POs? 

Our solutions provide a powerful search and retrieval engine that help you quickly find the invoice or PO you are in search of.

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