About Fisher’s Managed Print Services

Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.

Many companies are not aware of their spending when it comes to printing. Not managing your desktop printers could be costing your business! Managed Print Services (MPS) can save you money, time and the environment. Our Fisher’s team can look at your printing fleet and create a customized MPS Roadmap, specific to your business, on where you can save!



How much can an average business save?
On average 30%

How long does it take to start saving?
The first month that the program is implemented

How big does a company need to be to have MPS work for them?
Generally if there are 10 or more single function printers, it makes sense to evaluate the savings.


Leave it to the Fisher’s experts when it comes to Managed Print Services. Our number one priority is to ensure that our customers our happy with their customer service experience. Fisher’s is extremely knowledgeable within the industry and has you covered when it comes to maintaining your supplies, servicing your equipment and adding a little happiness into your day!

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