ABBYY Conference

5th Annual ABBYY Conference

ABBYY’s Technology Summit was held October 25th through the 27th at the Marriott Marquis in sunny downtown San Diego.

Fisher Technology’s Reid Blackburn, Director of Automation, was part of a selected group of event speakers from KPG, UNDRSTND Group, CTSI Global and Netskope. In his session, “Invoice Automation Case Studies-Winning End-To-End Solutions Through Strategic ECM Partnerships”, Reid provided real-world examples of how a company can transform the way they do business, reclaiming operational profitability through the use of advanced capture, extraction and data intelligence solutions able to mitigate the burden of manual data entry while improving visibility, accuracy and accountability throughout the process.

Reid also shared concepts around harnessing the power of business intelligence through dashboards and data convergence for real-time decision making.  According to Reid, “The event was a great opportunity to interact with other consulting agencies throughout the world to share lessons learned in capture projects and be more prepared for the next generation of process automation, including RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools and Big Data analytics engines.

He continued, “Our customers are demanding more; looking to satisfy a thirst for real-time process transparency and control, while being able to pivot at the transactional level for greater efficiency while ensuring consistent data standards and compliancy.  ABBYY is a leader in this segment and we plan to attend and participate again next year.”

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