Why Choose Fisher’s – IT Focused

You may ask yourself… Why choose Fisher’s Technology for all your office needs? We recently had a customer experience that you may connect with, showing that Fisher’s Technology is a great choice to partner with.

Customer Example: Medical Billing Solutions

Medical Billing Solutions is a local company that handles the billing responsibilities for providers around the area.  They have to rely on their IT systems, their phone system, and their printing systems to integrate completely so that they can quickly process the needs of their customers who reach out to their call center.  They were frustrated that they had to work with multiple IT vendors to accomplish all of this work and reached out to Fishers Technology to find a single vendor for all of their needs.

By pairing Fishers Managed IT Services, Fishers Hosted PBX Phones, and Fishers Managed Print services, Medical Billing Solutions has simplified their needs in one place.  They can now concentrate on providing billing solutions to their clients and leave the technology to Fisher’s Technology.

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