Today, companies face numerous and varied challenges within their IT processes. Fisher’s can help override these common IT issues so your business has secure and reliable systems for day-to-day IT processes.


Vulnerable Network

More and more people are starting to work out of their homes. Remote workers need to safely work on a network that ensures security. A good network security system helps reduce the risk of falling victim of data theft and protects your workstations.

SOLUTION: Remote worker liability assessment to ensure network security.


Slow Network

Slow networks are such a drag! A fast network allows your business to run successfully while sharing documents & storage space without the risk of crashing or bogging down. 

SOLUTION: Network speed assessment to decrease network lag time and increase productivity.


Unsecure & Limited Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is becoming a high demand these days. Businesses are running into issues of security & limited participants options for their online meetings.

SOLUTION: Free, secure, and unlimited video conferencing at no charge until 2021.


Inflexible Phone Systems

Staying connected is crucial during these times. Businesses are recognizing their phones are creating barriers to allow employees to collaborate from anywhere.

SOLUTION: Phone system cost analysis to move phones to the cloud.


Non-Compliant Processes

Companies need to prevent and detect violations of rules. Developing and implementing compliant processes and procedures protects your organization and creates accuracy.

SOLUTION: Compliancy consulting to secure remote workflows for payment processing, HIPAA, and more.

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