Faces of Fisher’s Calendar Highlight

For the past 6 years, we have had a fun project we like to call, “Faces of Fisher’s”. This year marks the 6th annual calendar featuring clients within our Imaging, Document Automation and Unified IT industries. The calendar is a project that we look forward to every year, and I think our customers do to! Not only is it a great marketing piece for both Fisher’s and the customer, it is a fun time to connect even more with our customers in their day-to-day schedules. The calendar truly shows the Fisher’s culture—having fun, and having fun with our extremely happy customers!

This was my first year participating in the creative process for this project! It was so fun to be able to be goofy and interact with our customers—to put the business aspect aside for the hour, and to really connect during the photo shoot. You can really get to know your customers and build a genuine relationship.

This years cover was taken in Billings, Montana featuring Zack White, the branch manager. The cliff in the background is known as Sacrifice Cliff near Coulson Park along the Yellowstone River.


To view the calendar, click here.

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