Behind the Scenes at Fisher’s: Who handles Supplies?



Do you ever wonder who answers your supplies questions? Who manages the toner orders? We would love to introduce you to our supplies gurus, Anne-Marie Bebber and Leslie Torgensen. We are extremely grateful for our Fisher’s family members, and all the work you do to contribute to make Fisher’s run smoothly.



Where are you from? – Austin, TX
How long have you been with Fisher’s? – Just over one year.
What are your roles at Fisher’s? – Filling supply orders, general customer support.
What is your favorite thing about your job? – Chatting with our amazing customers! ?
Fun Fact About you? – I am the proud dog mama of two Chihuahua-mix rescues!






Where are you from? – I am from Glendive, MT, but lived in Billings, MT since October of 2001.
How long have you been with Fisher’s? – I have been at Fishers for 1 year but with Automated Office Previously before we were bought for 6 years
What are your roles at Fisher’s? – I am an Accounting Administrator, but I do Many other things. I help collect Meter reads from customers, help fill toner orders when calls are placed, I help with orders coming in and making sure they are accounted for. I cover phones for branches when others are out, help with events when needed and the sales team. Plus other small things in the office daily.
What is your favorite thing about your job? – My favorite thing is the People!! I love making relationships with everyone!
Fun Fact About you? – I love to sew and make new items! I am crafty as well! I love makeup and doing creative things with it! Selling it is also a passion of mine!


These two ladies and their daily responsibilities are crucial to the “every day” at Fisher’s. You keep us on track and our customers happy. You both are a key asset in strengthening Fisher’s.

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