XEROX Nuvera 200 Series

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The Xerox Nuvera® foundation comprises essential elements for incredible, offsetlevel image quality. It offers 4800 x 600 dpi and up to 156 lpi, plus the cost and time efficiencies associated with digital.

  • Faster and more RIPs. An advanced Dual Core Processor plus Parallel Raster Image Processing (RIP) means the Xerox Nuvera® gets your jobs in and out of the gate in a hurry. Your jobs are processed quickly and in the most efficient way possible.
  • Lightning-quick machine and finishing speeds. You can complete your jobs in less time than ever before with machine speeds of up to 314 duplexed images per minute. On top of that, finishing speeds are close to machine-rated speeds, so you can complete your jobs quickly.
  • More uptime, more often. The Xerox Nuvera® offers Pass Through Programming that enables you to keep your system up and running even when you’re waiting for service. You’ll enjoy more uptime, more often, ensuring you are able to meet your deadlines and productivity goals.


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