Written Testimonials

We continually seek honest feedback from our customers about what they think of Fisher's Technology.  Here are some of the things they have had to say. (Note: This page is updated as new comments are sent to us.)

Fishers Testimonial - Insurance Solutions Company

Insurance Solutions Co. Testimonial

Our technician, Preston, was fabulous! They came out the same day that I called and were able to get us up and running again!

Fishers Testimonial - Haney Lumber & Supply

Haney Lumber & Supply Testimonial

Anthony Stephens does an amazing job for us! Thank you!

Fishers Testimonial - Newman Lake Fire District

Newman Lake Fire District Testimonial

I appreciate the professionalism and speedy diagnosis/correction of our problem. Thank you for taking the extra time to clean our copier as well.

Fishers Testimonial - Hawker Funeral Home

Hawker Funeral Home Testimonial

Tim is always absolutely wonderful. He is very efficient, friendly and prompt every time he comes to help us out.

Fishers Testimonial - Idaho Youth Ranch

Idaho Youth Ranch Testimonial

I really wouldn't change a thing about Fisher's service. Nick is the best service technician ever!


Ricardo Delgado, M.D. Testimonial

"Rex is super friendly, super helpful and takes the time to educate us on the machines situation (or ours ha ha) always glad to have him in our office."

Fishers Testimonial - Acorn Children's Academy

Acorn Children’s Academy Testimonial

Awesome company! Have never had a single issue when it came to supplies or tech support!


Idaho Medical Association Testimonial

Scott was here within 30min of my placing the service call, he identified the issue w/our copier and was back the next day w/the part we needed to repair it with a very quick turn around time. Very satisfied with Scotts professionalism and service! Thank you!

Fishers Testimonial - Angstman Johnson PLLC

Angstman Johnson, PLLC Testimonial

Love Jaime! It is really nice seeing the same person. She is always cheerful and very efficient and helpful.


Coffel Law Testimonial

JARED COLTON was absolutely amazing! He was Super efficient and professional.

SunShine Minting_Testimonial_Blog

Sunshine Minting Testimonial

Lucas Schwartz was highly effective and quick about responding to my support / service needs. He successfully obtained the serial keys and licenses I needed and overcame a difficult obstacle that had been created by the merging of ABC and Fishers. I will seek out his assistance in future IT and support related matters.

Comphrensive Consulting Group_Testimonial_Blog

Comprehensive Consulting Testimonial

Jeff in level 2 is always great to work with and gets the ticket done quickly!


Tomorrow’s Hope Inc. Testimonial

Troy has a great personality and sense of humor which you don't get every day when talking to IT help. It makes for a MUCH more enjoyable experience. Thanks Troy!


Fresh Food Corps. Testimonial

Duane O’Neill was so helpful. Our first service technician scheduled out was called out to another job, Duane responded promptly to let us know he was arriving instead and he went above and beyond. I had questions about some items that were low on our printer and whether they were a concern or not, Duane fixed the error message we were receiving and also gave us the life expectancy of our other printer settings that may need to be replaced in the future.

Fishers Testimonial - HUB Twin Falls

HUB Testimony

Shane is always friendly and professional. He is really great at what he does. He is always quick to respond to service calls and gets us up and running in no time. We really appreciate Shane.

Fishers Testimonial - Montana Water Court

Montana Water Court Testimonial

“Mike and Derrick installed our new 759 machine today and replaced our ancient 360 with our already in use 754. They were so fast, efficient, friendly and kind! We are very thankful for them! Kim is also super easy to work with. Thanks to the team!”

- Montana Water Court

Fishers Testimonial - Berg Appraisal Services

Testimonial: Berg Appraisal Services

"Kent was here today. He arrived promptly and took care of the matter efficiently. Great service! Also, Mike was here this week also on an un-related issue - He was efficient, helpful and did a great job! our service is always great! Thanks to all of you. Also, Jahn in supplies was very helpful."

Fishers Testimonial - Cascadia Healthcare

Cascadia Healthcare Testimonial

“There has been a lot of moving parts to this transition and it is a big relief for me knowing Fisher’s will get the job done and I don’t have to check on the status of anything ?” - Joe Kelly, Cascadia Healthcare

Fishers Testimonial - Bruce Blohowiak Office

Testimonial Tuesday: Law Offices of Bruce J. Blohowiak

Sometimes plain, simple and to the point is best - Thank you for writing in Bruce!

“Prompt and Courteous service”Law offices Bruce J. Blohowiak

Fishers Testimonial - Lee&Company

Testimonial: Lee & Company, PC

"I have had a wonderful experience with the staff of Fisher's Technology here in Missoula! Shannon is knowledgeable, friendly and professional and I highly recommend contacting her if you have any technology needs!" - Sarah Roberts of Lee & Company, PC

Fishers Testimonial - Berry Oil

Testimonial: Berry Oil

“I have had the opportunity to work with salesman to technicians, and have had an incredible experience each time. Thank you for helping answer questions with ease and patience! And thank you for have a sense of humor!”

Rachelle Fullmer, Berry Oil

Fishers Testimonial - Jitasa

Testimonial Tuesday!

“Like many of you, we moved from working in an office to working remotely over a 24 hour period.  Most everything is in the cloud these days – email, file storage, etc. – so that was not an issue for us.  And fortunately neither was our phones.  Our 600+ clients rely on calling our employees directly from all over the US.  Because Elevate (our phone system) can operate off of our laptops, with a quick order of additional headsets for people to use at home, we maintained seamless business continuity.  Our employees just picked up their laptops, plugged in at home, and could still receive calls just as if they were sitting at their desks.  It was a decision we made over a year ago, and now we are really glad we did."

- Jeff Russell, CEO of Jitasa


Group One | Sotheby’s International Realty Testimonial

I am writing in reference to Fisher's Technology and their excellence in phone and technology services. I have been working with Fisher's for two years and am continually impressed by their service and quality of VOiP provisioning.

We began using Fisher's Technology at our company for printing services as they are responsive and provide excellent friendly. In that regard, we were happy to begin using their phone systems and their IT help desk when we were not having the same high level of customer support and attentiveness from our previous provider.

We have been able to utilize our auto-attendant for scheduling, forwarding, and easy holiday systems. We have great quality and Fisher's has made it a priority to make sure our lines are clear, and we do not drop any of our client's calls. Fisher's has a great response time if an issue arises and the best part is being greeted by a friendly voice when we need help. They make tracking the progress of tickets easy by having email updates whenever someone touches the ticket and it has been a relief to know that if I send in a question, issue, or user update it will be handled efficiently.

Overall, I am very impressed with Fisher's attention to their clients and providing wonderful phone solutions to any of our needs. I highly recommend using Fisher's phone systems for excellent service and VOiP quality.

Amanda McClain, Agent Services
Group One | Sotheby's International Realty Testimonial


ACHD Testimonial

“Fisher’s Technology knocked it out of the park when we brought them in as our managed print services vendor earlier this year. From their outstanding customer support, easy-going but professional performance, and quality product line, Fisher’s has reduced our printing costs while enhancing our capabilities and services. Outstanding!”


Great Falls Builder Exchange Testimonial

“I know Fisher's has my back and no other company can match the incredible service. I am always happy to refer Fisher's Technology to anyone that I know might need office equipment. I am also very thankful to have gained great friendships over the years. Not everyone can say that about their office equipment provider!”