Written Testimonials

We continually seek honest feedback from our customers about what they think of Fisher's Technology.  Here are some of the things they have had to say. (Note: This page is updated as new comments are sent to us.)

Stricker Insurance LLC

Stricker Insurance Testimonial

Fisher's is amazing and I am extremely happy with your service!

Boise High School

Boise School District Testimonial

No suggestions - just OH MY GOSH!!! The service was fast and easy and the fact that the copier could be set up remotely is AWESOME!!! Thank you to Phil who was so kind on the phone!!!

Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield Pacific

I want to express to you my sincere admiration & appreciation for sending someone out so quickly to fix our machine yesterday. As is always the case, we had some large print jobs we needed to finish and our folks were nervous that they may not get done. I am truly grateful that you helped us through our “fire drill” of a day and were able to get it done so quickly. Thank you Fishers!!!!

Anderson Construction Co

Anderson Construction Co Testimonial

Mark, our service technician, was great - very professional. He gave us his cell number if the issue came up again - He came back both times the issue arose. He had great follow through and was able to clear up the issue for us.

RockHarbor Church

Rock Harbor Church Testimonial

Fisher's is always very responsive when we have an issue with one of our copiers. They are always very professional and have great customer service. Larry is an outstanding technician and always solves any issues we have quickly. Larry always does a great job and he's our favorite!

Bish's RV

Bish’s RV Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Fisher's on multiple occasions. Each time, my issue was handled with professionalism and promptness. Joe, Josh and Vaughn were great to work with and I enjoyed each of their pleasantries! Good work!

Plymouth Congregational Church testimonial fisher's technology

Plymouth Congregational Church Testimonial

“Keep up the great work! I can't think of anything that would have made my experience of working with Fisher's better.”

Riverence testimonial fisher's technology

Riverence Testimonial

“Thank you to Anthony Stephens, with the Fisher’s UIT Team for assisting me with my IT issue. He was professional and courteous and went out of his way to contact the ISP provider to assist on getting this issue resolved in a timely manner.”

payette schools fisher's technology testimonial

Payette School District Testimonial

“Mark Vargas, our service technician, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He went above and beyond fixing our issue, by offering training on the new machine and showing me some of the new tricks it can do.”

stonehill church fisher's technology testimonial

Stonehill Church Inc. Testimonial

Fisher's service is outstanding! Every time we have printing issues, Larry our technician is quick to help get it resolved and get our copier up and running. We really appreciate his professionalism and care to meet our needs.

Boise Co-Op

Co-Op Testimonial

Good stuff all around. Would recommend 100%

Angstman Johnson

Angstman Johnson Testimonial

"Scott talked to me over the phone to trouble-shoot the printer. The issue was quickly found and then fixed!"

Idaho Trust National Bank

Idaho Trust National Bank Testimonial

"Jamie, our service technician, is awesome and very knowledgeable. We love her! Thank you!"

E-Idaho Happy Customer

Eastern Idaho Happy Customer

"We never have to worry when we have an issue with one of our printers. Tim is an amazing tech who always has a smile, and always able to help with whatever problems we may have."

Spokane Community College - Work Center

Spokane Community College – Work Center

Mike arrived to my organization really quickly and solved the problem in less than 10 minutes. I liked that he didn't just fix the problem he explained why the printer was jamming as well. Thanks Mike!

CDA Bible Church

CDA Bible Church

"Kent, our service technician, is very professional and knowledgeable.”

Dayspring - Missoula

Dayspring Restoration Inc.

"Glenn, our service technician, was very competent and knew how to resolve the issue."

Grasmick Produce

Grasmick Produce Testimonial

"Placing a service ticket with Fisher's was easy and pleasant as it gets. Fishers is always top notch."

Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Testimonial

Scott was friendly and very efficient. He tried multiple ways to get the envelope feeder to print the envelopes correctly and found it to be our stack of envelopes, as the feeder worked correctly before the new envelopes.

Mill 95

Mill 95 Testimonial

We have had Fishers service our facility for 3+ years and they have met and exceeded all of my expectations! Glenn, our service technician, was knowledgeable and informative as we resolved our technical issue!

Lakeland School District

Lakeland School District Testimonial

Placing a service ticket was super easy with quick response time. Our service technician was great. He let me know that the issue we were having is more of just an annoyance than anything. Everything was in working order and he explained what to pay attention to if the sound continued to get worse.

Missoula Copy Center

Missoula Copy Center Testimonial

We are so happy with the beyond believable service, customer service, and sales knowledge and experience with Fisher's Technology. Being in the print ing industry for 20 years I have never had a better company to work with. They are a huge part of keeping us going and producing the highest quality products. I would highly recommend them to anyone! They go above and beyond!!! - Missoula Copy Center

MV Happy Customer

Magic Valley Happy Customer

We are very pleased with Fishers. They are so quick to come help us with any issue we have with equipment and we receive our supplies so fast. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service Fishers.

locsha engineering testimonial

Lochsa Engineering

Jamie was prompt in answering our service call. She is very professional and through and excellent to work with. You have an outstanding team member with Jamie.

chewelah casino testimonial

Chewelah Casino Testimonial

We have worked with Mike Muller for many years, his response time is exceptional. Mike has taken the time to explain and help set up features on our copier to meet our expectation with the best performance.