Joshua Van Berkum

Vice President of IT Services

Joshua Van Berkum is an accomplished industry specialist with a rich history in the Information Technology sector. Renowned as a Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, and Peer-Team Facilitator, Joshua has been pivotal in consulting with MSPs and peer teams, imparting strategic vision and high-level guidance that have been crucial in propelling these organizations towards success, growth, and profitability. His passion for education shines through his innovative “Clicking on lightbulbs” approach, fostering a culture where team members are not just informed but are actively engaged and invested in their work.

Over an 18-year journey, Joshua successfully started, grew, and sold his MSP, and since then, has dedicated himself to helping other MSPs achieve similar success. His holistic approach to MSP management has led to the creation of a unified MSP financial model formula, a robust tool that adapts to any MSP’s financial structure. This model’s strength lies in its adaptability, enabling MSPs to achieve tailored financial strategies that align with their operational needs. Joshua’s ongoing work on refining this model underscores his dedication to continuous improvement and his commitment to the industry’s sustained growth and profitability.

An enthusiastic traveler and avid golfer, Joshua’s love for exploration extends to the fairways and greens across the globe. Each destination offers a new challenge on the course, and while he may not be setting records, his relentless pursuit of a better golf game mirrors his dedication to professional development and excellence.