J.T. Jones

Chief Financial Officer

J.T. Jones is a University of Idaho graduate with Bachelor of Science degrees in both accounting and finance who joined Fisher’s in 2006.  J.T. was previously a staff certified public accountant (CPA) for Boise-based Travis Jeffries, P.A., where he conducted business valuations of closely held entities, performed outside audits of corporate and government financial statements and provided tax services with an emphasis on corporate tax.  In addition to his financial background, J.T. also spent a year as a touring golf pro after being named an Academic All-American in college.

Following graduation from the University of Idaho, J.T. worked in the securities markets in Chicago, holding positions ranging from exchange trading floor clerk at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Board of Trade to a NASDAQ stock specialist at the Midwest Stock Exchange.  Following his return to Idaho he was hired as a securities trader at Mountain West Capital Group and later became a hedge fund manager at Summit Ridge Investment Management, LLC.  In this latter position he managed assets for a number of private investors.

J.T. serves on many boards, including the University of Idaho College of Business and Economics Advisory Board and is one of the founding members of the Treasure Valley CFO Forum.

As CFO for Fisher’s, J.T. focuses on the supervision of the company’s financial and accounting personnel and functions, including budgeting, cash flow, internal controls, tax reporting and ongoing strategic planning.