Heather Luchte

N. Idaho Account Manager

My name is Heather Luchte and I grew up in a small town called Pateros in North Central Washington. It’s a small town of 600 people and I graduated with just 31 in my class. After high school I moved to Spokane, WA and lived there for about 10 years until I relocated for Coeur D Alene, which is where I live now and love everything about it.

I’ve been in the sales industry for about 13 years and recently just left Verizon after 5 ½ years to join Fisher’s!!

In my spare time I enjoy being on the lake, whether that be boating, fishing, paddle boarding, or even just sunbathing, I love being around the water. Hiking is also another favorite hobby of mine but once winter hits I find myself either snowboarding or snowmobiling. Safe to say I love the outdoors and the Northwest. Being social and hanging out with friends is something I do regularly and they all call me a crazy cat lady because I have two cats and I’m not bothered by it. They’re my children considering I don’t have any of my own currently.

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