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CEO Perspectives

Is Fisher’s Putting Itself Out of Business?

Electronic document management (the scanning, indexing, storing, retrieving, and routing of electronic documents throughout an organization) is a major focal area of Fisher’s business today. But I was recently asked a very good question from customer about this strategy. He asked, “if you sell and service paper document production devices and if you are converting…

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Customer Service Sucks

It’s 8:30am on a Saturday, I’ve been traveling for 19 hours, and I’m still not home. I was at a Canon Dealer Advisory Council meeting in Florida and weather in the Midwest resulted in an overnight in Chicago. This experience has reinforced the fact that most customer service sucks. And with every disappointing, frustrating experience…

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Fisher’s Sales Are Up in a Down Market

Even though the market is down and many businesses lack the extra resources to invest in new technologies, Fisher’s Document Systems’ sales are up, month after month. We attribute this to three factors: 1) Fisher’s service has dramatically improved versus the competition in our market, 2) Fisher’s continues to present a strong value proposition that…

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Copier Company Camaraderie

I have blogged in the past about my disappointments with the copier industry: Pushy sales people, buried contract terms, a shell game of hidden profits, and a lack of focus on the customer experience. But one of the very refreshing aspects of the industry, at least the industry leaders I am lucky enough to hang…

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Best Practices in the Office Technology Industry

I am two years into my career with Fisher’s and I have focused a significant amount of that time talking with the best of the best around the country in my industry. What have I learned from this extensive study? Don’t look to the copier industry to learn much about customer service.

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Fisher’s New Technology Center

Fisher`s has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last two years, including a new ERP system, new CRM system, 26 new employees, a fleet of technician vehicles, a new internal leasing company, Kyocera as a new product line, a separate document and workflow management business unit… and the list goes on and on. Well, it…

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New Excel Issues

If your business is like ours (and probably 99% of all other businesses), you probably utilize Excel extensively. While I could blog at length about how Excel has dramatically changed my life (somewhat kidding but not really), I want to just post a quick note about the recent news that Excel has some issues that…

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