CEO Perspectives

Canon, the #1 Provider of Copiers, Listens to Boise, Idaho

Most copier and printer manufacturers have some sort of advisory board to represent their dealers. In most cases, however, these board meetings are boondoggles for the manufacturers to reward their best dealers with 5-star resorts and golf outings. Canon, on the other hand, not only takes the opportunity to listen to its advisory board members……

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More Industry Shakeup… And This One’s BIG

I wrote several months ago about the craziness our industry has seen in the last 18 months… Xerox buying Global Imaging (parent company of Boise Office Equipment), Konica Minolta buying Danka, and now the last (and largest) national distribution channel is being acquired: IKON.

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Industry Terminology Clarified

Most industries these days are fraught with acronyms galore. When you live and breathe such an industry, day in and day out, you speak in a foreign language that you often forget most people dont speak. I was reminded of this the other day when a prospective customer stopped me and asked, Whats an MFP?…

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Big Ears

No, this is not a blog about Gary Mahn or Eric Strand. I simply want to reiterate a point I wrote about last year: The best ideas come from employees… and leaders need to have their ears wide open to listen.

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