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Professional Services

We understand the integration of business technology to meet business challenges. We've successfully integrated solutions for businesses of all sizes - Micron Technology, Inc., Associated Court Reporting, Alliance Title & Escrow Corporation, Givens Pursley, LLP, Calvary Chapel, and TitleOne Corporation, to name a few - giving us the diverse perspective to help you improve your workflow no matter what you do. Our method will help you see and understand your business environment as never before.

>> Analysis/Consultation
1st Step. We'll work with you to understand how information moves through your business and introduce you to the latest solutions to help improve your competitiveness. This extensive analysis of your business processes is designed to discover which workflow challenges you need to address to resolve the business communication problems you are facing. For example, your organization may be trying to:

         Increase team member productivity (example: reduce the time required to retrieve critical documents)

         Develop efficiencies in workflow (example: set up your network to generate a report electronically from your desk and distribute copies to 5 top customers in minutes instead of waiting overnight for 1 green bar report from an AS400 system)

         Improve the communication you have with your internal and/or external customers (example: produce, fold and staple your color newsletter in-house less expensively as opposed to outsourcing it)

>> Presentation, Solution Summit
Next, your Fisher's Document Systems team delivers, for your review, a complete scope of work and integration schedule with the necessary products and software. During this step you will work with a team of Fisher's Document Systems' experts including:

         Solutions Branch Managers

         Pre-sales Integration Managers

         Professional Account Executives

         System Engineers

         Operations and Procurement Managers

         Financing Managers

As we work to refine these documents and gain approval from your key stakeholders, we will establish invoicing and contract coverage options that best suit your needs. Completion of these tasks allows us to reach the end of our initial planning phase and turn our collective focus to implementation.

>> System Implementation
Gaining a positive return on your investment (ROI) is a key factor in any business decision. Fisher's Document Systems ensures the solutions we deliver for you are fully and meaningfully integrated into your workflow process - not being underutilized. From desktop and server support to wireless office conversion, you'll benefit from the A+, Network+, CDIA+, MCP, MCSE, and other certifications of our technical service professionals. Fisher's Document Systems' local inventory of original manufacturer parts and supplies further eases your transition to new levels of efficiency. This hands-on care ensures that your new solutions are installed and configured to your existing network environment smoothly, correctly, and on time.

>> Training
Fisher's Document Systems' professional integration team will oversee the training of all operators, end users, or others in your organization associated with the integration. We'll ensure your employees are trained correctly and with the utmost competence. Whether your team members are responsible for asset tracking, fleet management, report generation, document archiving support, installation, or configuration, we'll get them ready. The worst scenario that can happen to any organization is to invest in technology and fail to fully integrate the solution with its internal and external customers.

>> Validation
The final step in implementing your new workflow is validation. We will reexamine the scope of work and analyze how well the solution we implemented has been integrated into your business processes. From accountability, our Fisher's Document Systems' team will provide you with a final report as a record of the findings. As needed, additional integration requirements will be discussed with one of our System Engineers and the entire process will start over at the analysis stage. This quality assurance process results in valuable lessons learned for both teams and ensures a positive working relationship as we plan for future solutions and deliver scenarios to meet evolving business needs.

>> Ongoing service
To help ensure your technology investment continues to support your growing, changing business, our Fisher's Document Systems' Account Executive will follow up with your contact in the weeks and months following implementation. We pride ourselves on continuing to support your business goals and handling any requests the way you prefer - via phone, fax, web site, e-mail, etc. We also recommend quarterly reviews of your business environment with all involved department and operations managers. To help you stay informed and on top of the latest technology trends, we conduct monthly technology symposiums that you are invited to attend. Over time, you and your Fisher's Document Systems' team will discover more ways to improve the way you conduct your business processes.