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We continually seek honest feedback from our customers about what they think of Fisher's Document Systems.  Here are some of the things they have had to say.  (Note: This page is updated as new comments are sent to us.)

Family Medicine Residency of Idaho
"Fisher's has proven to be an excellent partner to the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho. We receive excellent customer service and can count on the expertise of our sales representative and technicians to take care of our needs. I appreciate knowing that my document management tools are the one thing I don’t have to worry about!  Thanks to all you do for us!"

Western States
"Happy to have Fisher's as our printer management company! Great service from the technicians to our account managers."

Primary Health
"Fisher's gave us multiple options to choose from, so we could make the best decision for our company, while meeting our initial goals of lowering costs and increasing efficiency. We would definitely recommend Fisher's and have recommended them to other companies. Fisher's does not drop the ball, and they treat your recommendations great."

Messiah Lutheran Church
"Always happy with Fishers... from the cheerful voice that answers the phone to the billing department to the service department and technicians."

Mosaic Properties
"I was very stressed when I called Fisher's and Terry, Fisher's Client Service Manager, said "I can help you." It completely calmed me down and she provided a quantifiable solution to my issue. The service professional arrived on time, communicated what he was doing, showed me how to do a few things on the unit, was thorough in his analysis and repair of the problem, and went above and beyond to ensure the machine would be repaired the same day. (He also was nice when our office dog barked at him.)"

Cargo Express
"You guys are great!"

Galusha, Higgins & Galusha
"I emailed Fisher's service department and they responded right away! They are fast and know what they are doing! They're great!"

JUB Engineering
"It’s rare in this world to find providers that are both technically competent and honorable people. Fisher’s has both qualities and we feel fortunate to have this association. Keep up the great work." 

Idaho Press Tribune
"We switched to Fishers last year and have been amazed at the quality of service, quick response times and the savings we've made in both toner/repair costs and IT support time. Fewer headaches for the tech department and fewer headaches for our users. It's a switch I'd recommend to any company."

Blaine & Company Inc
"If you had better than 10, we would have chose that! "Fisher’s fabulous technician walked me right through what needed to be done and explained everything in simple language for me to understand. In all the years that Blaine & Company and Fisher’s have been doing business together; Fisher’s has always had excellent service. Great as usual, wouldn't expect anything less from Fisher's! Thank you!"

Alloway Lighting
"Fisher’s technicians are very personable, very professional, and fix the problem. Excellent!!!"

Idaho Housing & Finance Association
"It's so nice to have a company that stands behind what they say. Fisher’s is service oriented. They have been wonderful to work with! The technicians, sales and service providers are awesome! Accommodating the smallest of requests without hesitation."

Mossman Law
"I get a lot of copier salesman that come in and I tell them all they’re never going to be able to compare to Fisher’s service. I’ve always loved Fisher’s! Best service in the Treasure Valley – and your copiers are great too!"

Sloan Security Group
Fisher's has fantastic service! Our technician diagnosed it well and fixed it on the first return trip with the right parts!"

Valley Glass
"People can purchase a copier at multiple places. What Fishers gives in added value makes the difference between an apple and an orange."

Idaho Milk Products, Inc
"We rely heavily on Fisher’s as a partner to keep our business running, they provide exceptional service and equipment.  We recently moved all of our printing and copier business to their company. Fisher's has fantastic service! Our technician diagnosed it well and fixed it on the first return trip with the right parts!"

CSI Head Start/Early Head Start
"I appreciate the timeliness of contact an manner in which it presented. I am made to feel comfortable every time, almost like I am not doing business. The sincerity in which they deliver their message, which is a desire to help CSI Head Start/Early Head Start cut operations costs so more money can be focused on providing services to children is at the forefront of every conversation."

University of Idaho
"Dear Fishers:
On behalf of the Admissions Office at the University I want to thank you for your generous contribution to our recent event 'Meet the Vandals' at the Boise Conference Center on January 24, 2012 in Boise, ID. The HP printer that you provided for the evening allowed prospective students the ability to print out confirmation pages and receipts of payments for the University of Idaho. Again, thank you for helping make our event such a success."

Strategic Wealth
“Fisher’s has really helped us lower the cost and volume of our printing. They were even willing to adjust our contract midstream when our needs changed. It’s refreshing to have people who stay in touch and adapt with us.”

Nelson Hall Perry Tucker
“We have been impressed by Fisher’s willingness to go beyond the equipment and work with us to find solutions that solve real problems.  This has helped us work more efficiently and they are always here quickly when we need them.”

Nampa Paving and Asphalt
"One of the biggest reasons we went with Fisher’s was that they are still locally owned and operated…we are loving our new machines.”

CSI Hailey Head Start
"I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our printer/copier at the Hailey Center. We have not had color before, and this feature gives us a lot of great options when making flyers, announcements or parent newsletters. I think the color really highlights things we want them to take notice of when sending out memos and such.  We also really appreciate having the capability to print from all computers, especially with so many users in one space. The machine is user friendly and we are very happy with the service too!”

Robert Jones Realty
"With integrity and skill, Fisher's has done exactly what we have asked of them. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work. Our company recently switched to Fisher’s from a previous company and we could not be more satisfied.”

CSI West End Center Head Start
"I have enjoyed the new Canon Copier that the West End Center received this summer. The centers old copier was a home office printer/scanner/fax combo that took an extraordinary amount of patience to use.  The staff enjoys the printing quality, the ease of use, and the scan feature.  Scanning documents in and then e-mailing them instead of faxing leaves a better paper trail.  The West End Center is grateful to be one of the first centers to get to work with Fisher’s.  The technician was very helpful and patient!!!”

CSI Orchard Valley Head Start
"The Orchard Valley Head Start team is very pleased with the new copier. The fact that the copy machine, the printers and the fax are all one is very convenient. I have been asking our team what they think of the new machine and I have heard nothing but positive comments on how pleased everyone is. The copies are clear and it is fairly easy to use. Of course, the option of colored copies is a big plus. We have contacted the service man twice and he has responded quickly and has been very helpful.”

Givens Pursley
"Fisher's has great service, people, and products.  We enjoy doing business with them!"

J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Foundation
"Fishers service has been nothing short of outstanding.”

Hospice of Eastern Idaho
"We have been extremely pleased with the service Fishers Document Systems has provided.  We received prompt service for our old copiers, detailed information to help with the purchase of our new copier and printers and ongoing training to help us utilize the features of our new equipment.  Fisher’s is quick, reliable, and very easy to work with.  We never feel ignored."

J-U-B Engineers, Inc.
"Fisher's does it right.  You have great leadership and that is reflected in all you do."

Innovative Air, Inc.
"Fisher’s is great. I love working with your company."

Lee & Associates
"I love my copier and was lovingly dusting it off yesterday thanking it for being so nice.  I know that sounds corny, but it is so nice to have something that works with no issues.  It works quickly and easily handles the volume.  Your service has been excellent as well…we have used the tech group a couple of times to set up new users and Jen is very easy to work with.  I also like the online tools!“

Moore Smith Buxton & Turckre, Chartered
"We are very happy with the service from Fisher's!

"Fisher's has the best service hands down; we never have to wait long for repair or toner. My company is extremely dependent on our machines running well and there is no one who provides service like Fisher's!"

Galusha, Higgins & Galusha
"We recently purchased a new copy machine from Fisher’s and I can’t believe how fast and easy the transition has been! Their service, support, and training have been outstanding! I would recommend Fisher’s to anyone looking for new office equipment, training on new technology for document handling, and improving cost and efficiency for your office."

"Fisher's does what they say they will do - moving to Fisher's was an excellent business decision."

Moffatt Thomas Barrett Rock & Fields, Chartered
"I have been buying copiers since 1993 and this is the first time I wanted to keep copiers at the end of a five year lease.  This speaks volumes about Canon and Fisher's."

Eagle Sewer District
"In my 35-plus years in the workforce, and even in some of my volunteer work, I have always been the lucky person put in charge of purchasing and leasing office equipment.  Going for bids on copiers has always made me shudder.  However, now that I have met your Account Manager, I think those stressful days are finally over. I have dealt with many copier salespersons that were apparently unable to put together a clear and concise presentation.  Sometimes, because we are a small business, I think the salesperson just didn't want to put out the effort.  Other times, I think the salesperson was deliberately trying to baffle me.  Your Account Manager looked at our existing copier, reviewed our existing lease and maintenance contract, asked a few pertinent questions, and was gone.  In just a few days, she had reviewed my existing maintenance contract, investigated the buy-out on my existing copier and dropped off a one-page sheet that compared my current costs to the proposed new costs.  Apples to apples- just like that. When we wrapped up the deal, I told the Account Manager that I appreciated her diligence and suggested that she should train other salespeople.  She just laughed; however, I was serious.  That is why I took the time to find the name of Fisher's CEO.  Like most people, I might take the time to send a complaint letter, but I don't usually take the time to voice my appreciation for a job well done.  In this case, I was so impressed with the Account Manager's talents that I wanted to pass my thoughts on to you."

Nampa School District
“The Nampa School District has purchased equipment from and held maintenance agreements with Fisher's Document Systems for several years. We primarily use Canon products. Our service calls are answered in a timely manner, the issues are resolved and the service technicians communicate with our staff. The copiers perform extremely well and the PM's are completed in a timely fashion. Your service technicians seem to enjoy what they do. When looking for new equipment, our rep is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He has offered assistance in many situations that extend beyond what we would expect, and we have come to rely on him as a great resource. He has come through several times when we've been in a crunch. He never hesitates to help out the key operators in training issues even if he has to go more than once.We are very pleased with the excellent service and support that we have received. Fisher's standards, both in sales and service, far exceed any experience we have had with other vendors. The pre and post sales time with our rep is exceptional. Your commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service possible is greatly appreciated by our district."

Guerdon Enterprises
"Our service technician was exceptional!  He not only took the time to address all of the issues with the machine, but also saw things that could become problems down the road and took extra steps to make sure those problems never became reality."

Clearwater Research
"We were very impressed with our technician.  He had a great personality and we could tell he enjoyed his job.  He went the extra mile to make sure our machine was running well!"

Associated Reporting
"Since I was not getting the service I needed with my previous vendor, I shopped for a new copier company.  Fisher's showed up just in time!  My Account Executive has been more than fair to me and has gone beyond the call of duty.  The support staff is great, my needs are now being exceeded, and I am truly a very happy customer!"

Federal Defender Services of Idaho
"Our Fisher’s technician is great!   He is very personable and concerned about making sure our machine is running the way we need it to.  Fisher’s delivers great service!"

"We are thoroughly satisfied with the multi-function machines we have leased through Fisher’s Document Systems.  The equipment is a perfect fit for our business needs.   This was no mistake; our Fisher’s representative took the time to understand our business and our needs.  Fishers devoted countless hours to understand our business environment, because they took the time to help us determine which machines fit our business, we have been thoroughly satisfied with the choice.

It has been a pleasure to work with the service department; they are polite, courteous, and very responsive to our needs. Not only are the response times refreshing, the level of communication sets them apart.

Thanks again for assisting us in this decision and being a fabulous partner.  It’s a pleasure working with Fisher’s Document Systems."

US Ecology
"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate Fisher's and your management of our office equipment.  We have had two dramatically different experiences between Xerox, our previous provider, and Fisher's and we are so pleased we chose to do business with Fisher's. Xerox treated US Ecology like a transaction and did not continually manage us like a business partner.  Furthermore, the Xerox copiers were unreliable and were frequently out-of-service.  Additionally, the service group frequently struggled to repair the machines in a reasonable time frame and did not leave us with the confidence that the problems with the copiers were truly fixed.In contrast, you treated us like you truly wanted to improve our environment.  You analyzed everything and proposed something that saved us money.  Now, you work with us regularly to ensure that we are continually trained and that our equipment is still working well for us.  The copiers perform extremely well and when we need your service group you here quickly and the problem gets solved the first time.We are very glad we chose Fisher's as our office equipment partner.  Please feel free to share this experience with anyone considering an office equipment vendor.  I highly recommend Fisher's as the best possible provider for office equipment needs anywhere that they do business."

Idaho Concrete Company
"Good morning, I received your letter the other day, and just wanted to pass on my thanks for your company's help in the lease of our new document system.  The equipment itself was only a small part of the equation… everyone involved from the sales department, installation, and training were excellent to work with!   I would also like to pass on a “pat on the back” to our sales representative, she was absolutely excellent to work with, and will definitely be back largely due to her expertise and pleasant attitude. Thanks again, and I look forward to future business dealings with you!"