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Fisher's Document Systems advocates "Green" business practices, and has put in place many environmentally friendly policies. The following are some of the ways that we help the environment:

Electronic Document Management and Paper-Light Offices
At Fisher's, we believe wholeheartedly in Electronic Document Management (EDM). Not only does it save businesses money by reducing their paper storage costs and preventing lost files, but EDM boasts a multitude of environmental benefits as well. Businesses can substantially curb their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper and toner they use, as well as cut emissions from copy machines.  We have implemented Electronic Document Management systems at Fisher's in our Accounts Payable and Sales departments, and have recently turned all of our customer records digital as well. For more information on this process, please check out our Electronic Document Management Today blog.
Recycling at Fisher's
The Fisher's team is dedicated to helping our company become more environmentally responsible. We focus on recycling toner cartridges, paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes.
Our Manufacturers
Canon, Lanier, Kyocera, and HP have taken the initiative to protect the environment. Each of them has ISO 14001-Certified factories, machine recycling and refurbishing programs, internal energy-conservation standards, and many other environmentally-friendly initiatives. To learn more, please visit their websites for specific policies.
The manufacturers we partner with understand that customers do not like paying high electrical bills just to have an idle copier plugged into the wall.  Because of this, Canon, Lanier, Kyocera, and HP have dedicated research and funding for building energy efficient machines.   All of their machines have low-power sleep modes that allow power to be saved when a machine is not being used. Many of our manufacturers also make Energy Star compliant versions of their products.
Toner Recycling
Each of our toner manufacturers has a program for recycling used toner cartridges.  Most toner boxes contain a return label that can be applied to the toner box and shipped back to the manufacturer. The specific toner recycling policies of Canon, Lanier, and HP can be found by clicking on the corresponding link to their website.  If the toner manufacturer does not provide a return label or offer a toner recycling policy for your specific toner model, Fisher's can pick up and recycle your cartridges upon request. Any of our team members can pick them up or they can be dropped off at our office. To schedule a toner cartridge pickup, please call the Fisher’s Supplies Department at (208) 947-3625.

For more information about toner cartridge recycling, visit Staples, Office Depot, Earth 911, or Project KOPEG.