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Technology Spring Cleaning

Technology Spring CleaningDrawing for a Microsoft Surface Tablet


  • Refresh your IT solutions so you don’t lose important data
  • Clean out those bulky file cabinets with electronic document solutions
  • Make sure you pass compliance deadlines spotlessly
  • Streamline your paper business processes

NEW Nampa Public Library, 215 12th Ave S, Nampa, ID 83651
Available parking an attached parking garage


10:00AM-11:00AM IT Solutions Seminar 101
Chris Freeman (Fisher's IT Director)

When was the last time you evaluated your IT strategy? Can your current IT infrastructure support your changing business needs? If you’re not sure, trust us, you’re not alone! Join us to learn how to maximize the efficiency of your business technology, as we share our best practices and expertise, and show you how critical it is to keep your IT environment up-to-date.

  • "Set It and Forget It” is NOT a reliable strategy. Be proactive and find out if your back-ups, disaster recovery, call tracking, monitoring, PC and server replacement scheduling, and cloud options are up-to-date.

11:00AM-12:00PM Document Automation Seminar 101
Reid Blackburn (Fisher's Enterprise Solutions Director)

For some things, paper is still necessary. PAPER-LESS or just LESS-PAPER? Either way, it’s much easier than you ever thought possible with the right tools.

  • We’ll also cover records compliance and disaster recovery best practices to help you get started.

12:00PM-12:30PM Complimentary lunch for registered attendees, Catered by Brick 29

12:30-1:30PM IT Solutions Seminar NERD LEVEL
Chris Freeman (Fisher's IT Director)

Investigate your current storage and virtualization methods and evaluate if they’re still relevant or if it’s time to refresh your strategy.

  • Many traditional data protection strategies, while once effective, can now yield slow restores, high disk costs, confusing fragmented data and lack of confidence in the eventual restore of data in an emergency.
  • There are many new and vetted backup technologies that instill confidence and save you money and hours of time in restores. Learn about backup options, as well as, explore EDD RAM, ZFS and current virtualization that solve many of the traditional struggles of data protection.

1:30PM-2:30PM Document Automation Seminar NERD LEVEL
Reid Blackburn (Fisher's Enterprise Solutions Director)

This session caters to those who are ready for some hardcore technical concepts around advanced capture, eForms, and workflow automation.

  • You’ll get to see how eForms and workflows are designed and put into practical use. We’ll also demonstrate and discuss several integration techniques to bridge the data interchange gap with your line of business applications. Not for the fainthearted!