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Printer, Copier and Fax Machine FleetAudit

FleetAudit from Fisher's Document Systems is a financial and technical analysis designed to help executive level management understand the issues their companies face in document reproduction and distribution. There is no cost to provide this service for your organization.

The FleetAudit will evaluate the output methods of your printing, copying, faxing, and scanning to determine the true cost of these systems. Fisher's Document Systems has a team of document reproduction and distribution experts that will collaborate with all departments in your organization to analyze your current method of document reproduction and distribution from financial and operational perspectives. These specialists will conduct Interviews with top management, workgroup managers, and end users to develop a thorough understanding of your objectives and challenges in the reproduction and distribution of your printed and electronic documents.

During the FleetAudit process the experts from Fisher's Document Systems will develop an executive summary that will help your organization evaluate the financial and operational impacts of your current methods of document reproduction, what technology you have, what you are doing with it, and what it is costing.

At the conclusion of the FleetAudit process, Fisher's Document Systems will make recommendations that will enhance the efficiency in your organization and likely provide a cost savings over your current operating costs. In addition to recommendations, you will learn how to get where you want to go. During this process, should you choose, you can also see your recommendations in practice for a proof of concept at Fisher's Document Systems office.

Upon approval of the above recommendations, Fisher's Document Systems will implement the comprehensive overhaul to achieve operational efficiency while possibly reducing cost and provide you with an increased return on investment.