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We would like our Annual Company Picnic to be a fun, family affair, and we would love for all Fisher’s team members and family members to join! Please take a moment to answer a few questions so we may coordinate appropriate activities and prizes for those who plan to join.

Company Picnic Date: August 18th

Location: Veteran’s Memorial Park

Features: Kids playground, convenient restrooms, shelter for brief team meeting and eating

Schedule of Events:

  • Upon approval from your Manager, leave work early to pick up your family!
  • 5:30pm: Grab a drink & pull up a seat for a 20-30 minute presentation, by Chris Taylor
  • Hot food, cold treats & activities to follow 
How likely is it that your family will join us this year?If you answered not likely, please tell us whyWhich food options sound good to you?Do you have any suggestions for activities?