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Cost Recovery

In today's business world, companies strive to provide access to color copiers, laser printers, and fax machines. Surprisingly, many companies cannot quantify the costs associated with the use of this equipment. When companies don’t understand how their printing budget is being spent, they can’t manage costs.

Businesses need to see which departments are printing the most to be able to control waste. Service organizations, such as lawyers and architects, need to track printing made on behalf of specific projects or clients in order to charge back costs. Schools and universities need to ensure students have sufficient funds available before they make any prints or copies, while allowing staff to work without restrictions.

Fisher’s Technology offers several options designed to help companies track and control printing and copying costs. The administrator or finance department can track and assess how much each device and user is costing the company. IT can understand how the current printing infrastructure is being used before purchasing new devices. With comprehensive insight into output-related costs, you can influence behavior company-wide. Encourage users to work more productively and cost effectively and thereby reduce your company’s expenses.