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3D Printers

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Imagine a machine that prints objects of any shape or size so that you can literally touch and use it. Where products can be produced just about anywhere – and with greater efficiencies. That’s the power of 3D printing. No longer something to be imagined, but as real as the objects it creates. 3D printing is changing the way products are designed and made.

Businesses of any size can benefit from 3D printing. Whether at an industrial, professional or personal level, 3D printing brings a host of benefits and advantages that traditional methods of manufacturing or prototyping just cannot.


Case Studies

Staten Island Technical High School (SITHS) Turns Classroom Into Simulated Workplace with 3D Printing

Staten Island Technical High School (SITHS), a selective New York school for aspiring engineers, aggressively immerses its 900 students in the technologies they will use in their...

Mountain View High School: 3D Printing and Formula One racing in Schools get Virginia students up to speed

As your Formula One car streaks down the track, the tenuous balance between lift and friction can mean the difference between glory and oblivion. That's just one reason that...

3D Printing brings design full circle for Ohio high school students

Little is more important for college-bound high school seniors than getting into the university of their choice. Technically minded students attending Ontario High School in...