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Watch Gary Mahn's video series on business and the economy

How do you create jobs?

Gary explains that most jobs, historically, are created by small and medium sized businesses.  Big business and government is a distant second.  Government is responsible for creating an environment, through monetary and fiscal policy, that allows small to medium sized businesses to grow, prosper and create jobs.  Since this type of environment doesn’t seem to be happening, Gary encourages small and medium size business owners to take matters into their own hands, to innovate and gain market share – which will create jobs.









About Gary Mahn

Gary started his business career in 1972 as a management consultant with the Boise office of Ernst & Ernst. In 1976 he co-founded Learned-Mahn, a Boise based software company. In 1985, he purchased Fisher’s Office Equipment and substantially grew the company before selling the office supply division in 1995 to Boise Cascade Office Products (now OfficeMax). He retained ownership in the equipment division, which is now known as Fisher’s Document Systems, where he is actively involved in his position as Chairman.
Throughout his career, Gary has served in numerous leadership roles throughout the community. In 1998, Governor Dirk Kempthorne appointed Gary as Director, State of Idaho Department of Commerce where he served until 2002.   Gary currently serves on the Idaho Independent Bank Board of Directors.   In 1991, he was named the small business person of the year for the State of Idaho.
 Gary received his B.S. Business from the University of Idaho and his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Public Accountant.
How do you create an innovative company?

Gary shares his thoughts on how to create an innovative company. He tells how he and his management team fostered an innovative environment at Fisher's by hiring the best people, making it a priority to listen to customers and provide them with the best advice, products and services.


How do you gain marketshare?

The first step to gaining market share, explains Gary, is to assess your company and grade each component, i.e., how strong or weak, then come up with solutions to make the weaker components stronger.  Gary explains how the management team at Fisher’s did this and the order of priority.  The results are impressive in that Fisher’s has tripled its revenue from 2006 to 2010.

How do you develop a great team?

How do you hire a great team of employees and executives? There are three qualities Gary looks for in potential employees: capability, willingness to do the job, and most importantly, team fit. Gary adds that networking is a great way to find people who meet all three qualifications.