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Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management Definition

Much has been said about “going paperless” and “the paperless office”. Although this idea has not been fully realized, Fisher's Advanced Technology Team is bringing many Boise offices closer to this goal.  Electronic document management is a way to store, categorize, and retrieve digital copies of documents.

Reasons for Electronic Document Management Systems

Electronic document management systems save users time and money, and decrease frustration. Workgroups can store and retrieve files quickly and easily, and lost files are virtually eliminated. Workflow can be automated so that it is processed much more quickly and with less effort.  Disaster recovery is also a part of electronic document management. Digitized documents are able to be backed up much more securely and recovered better than paper documents when a disaster happens. Although disaster recovery is not something that Boise business owners usually have to think about, having a solid plan in place in case something does happen is the only way to avert lost information.  Going paperless is also a great way to go green. By using digitized instead of print documents, Idaho companies can save money on copier paper and toner, and reduce wear and tear on copy machines. Using copiers less frequently also cuts down on atmosphere-harming carbon and ozone emissions.  

More Information on Going Paperless

Please email Reid Blackburn, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Fisher’s, or call him at (208) 947-3500. Reid Blackburn is an expert in going paperless and has helped many Boise companies to better manage their documents.